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Never stop drawing


I've been drawing since before I can remember. I've also spent more time than I'm willing to admit either playing video games, watching cartoons or reading comics. It only made sense to try to combine the two so it didn't feel like a complete waste.

Dark Souls

Without a doubt, Dark Souls will be my personal favorite game until I find myself a hollow. It's lore is as deep as an ocean but at first glance it's only surface level. That's how UX should be. Visually as simple as possible, but with hours of deliberate thought behind it. If you're aware of the Konami code, you may even find a special Dark Souls surprise on my homepage...

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Various Illustrations

The nature of being a nerd

So you may be asking yourself "why do I care about a UX Designer's Illustration work? That's not applicable to user experiences!!!" And... you'd be right. However, if I never had an interest in illustration and video games there is a good chance I'd never worked in the field of User Experience at all. But if you can't buy that, I'm going to point out that there are menu's in video games too, so let's just call it competitive research and agree to disagree.

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