Jamf Software is used primarily by IT professionals. They offer certification courses to it's customers to help learn the product and prove their own proficiency to other Jamf users on Jamf Nation. Customers could purchase seats to these courses within Jamf Nation's Commerce experience.


Jamf's E-commerce experience had a lot of issues that needed to be rethought. Some of the primary issues was the order of operations caused users to have little understanding of prerequisites resulting in a lot of time wasted and frustration when they couldn't complete their purchase. Users were required to enter the same information on multiple steps, and due to high levels of bounce rates potential customers would leave course seats in their cart unclaimed. This all resulted in an incorrect seat count available for purchase. The order of operations within the fulfillment process was the obvious place to start.

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A Product display page was introduced, email verification was reshuffled to the first step to stop users from attempting to buy courses they didn't meet the necessary requirements. Duplicate input fields and steps were removed or hidden and a time limit was added to the purchase process that would remove course seats from a customers cart if left un-purchased.


One of the most positive benefits of my experience at Jamf was working closely with the usability researchers within the UX team. We began testing the flow and found that overall the experience brought more clarity and users reached the final confirmation page faster. Unfortunately my contract at Jamf was only meant as a temporary replacement for someone on maternity leave and my designs were implemented after my contract had ended and I was unable to see all the final results.

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