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The discovery phase is most important, and never really ends. Research should inform what you're building in the beginning, and help you iterate during the entire lifecycle of the UX process. If you're not familiar with your users needs you're not fully equipped to solve them. Establish requirements, track down subject matter experts, create user personas and use cases to move towards an informed solution.


Early and Often

Know your competitors and research their products. Push for best design practices rather than the current trends. Find the pain points in existing, relevant products. Use affinity diagrams to help establish an understanding of the common flows most users will perform. Organize findings to start to form a UX recommendation.


and wireframes


Start building a sitemap and bare bones visualizations to establish an architecture and content structure. Early concepts can be used in usability testing to find flaws in the structure and make sure the patterns being used are discoverable and ubiquitous. Your findings can be used to iterate on the design and make sure the final design is as intuitive as possible.



High Fidelity Mockups


Use the wireframes and the existing Design System to create high fidelity prototypes in the appropriate visual style. Live prototypes are the most effective way to reflect the behavior of the final product. The prototypes can be used in additional testing and also minimize the amount of documentation required for hand off to the developers. If live prototypes aren't possible annotations would need to be written to outline the desired behavior.



Build the Experience

Once the design has been finalized it's finally time to start building a BETA. Designers should support the development teams during the agile development process. Once the MVP has been made public you can use analytics and iterative testing to continue to evaluate over time. Based on user feedback you may even find that more discovery is required before updates can be made. Return to earlier stages as needed and continue from there. This process is cyclical and is never truly considered over. Continue to seek improvement and the next thing you know, you'll be Jeff Bezos 2.0 and the proud owner of the next digital phenomena.




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